Theme: Cuisine.

Activities: Quiz Competition on various words of 22 languages mentioned in Constitution of India

16th October. 2023

On celebrating ‘Bhartiya Bhasha Utsav’, Cherra Teachers’ Training Centre Sohra organized a Quiz Competition on the 16th October, 2023. The teacher incharge was Miss A. Warjri. The programme started at 1:30 PM. it was hosted by one of the 1st Year Trainees, Agrisha Kharjana. The competition was moderated by the teacher incharge, Miss A. Warjri. The setting of the quiz competition was in the Devotion Hall. The Hall was decorated with a Flex on the stage. Stage gears like microphones were available. There was a time keeper and two score keepers. There were four teams namely, red, blue, green and yellow. The competition had 3 rounds and after the third round, the competition came to a close. Scores were calculated after every round. The winner of the quiz competition was the Red Team with a total score of 120 pts. The second place was backed by the Yellow Team with a total score 70 pts. In the third place was the Blue Team with 10 pts. After this, a vote of thanks was proposed by Damehikin Kharkongor, a student of 1st Year Batch.