CTTC, Sohra organised a speech programme on “Speech on Selected Indian Mathematician” on the 14th of November 2023 at 2:00 pm sharp in the Devotion Hall of the Institute. This programme was conducted to promote language learning through the use of regional languages and technology.
The programme was started and hosted by Miss A. Blah in the presence of other teachers and all students of First and Second year batch.

There were Four participants who participated in this speech programme from each house
( i.e. Yellow, Green, Red and Blue). The list of students along with their topics is given below: –

HOUSE                                  NAME OF STUDENT                           NAME OF INDIAN MATHEMATICIAN

YELLOW                                Bethelda Khongshei                                       Aryabhata

GREEN                                  Elizabeth Sanglyne                                         Bhaskara

RED                                        Agrisha Kharjana                                           Shakuntala Devi

BLUE                                      Streamliness Kshiar                                        Raman Parimala

After all the four participants had finished delivered their speeches, a Vote of thanks was delivered by Miss N. Sylliang. And the programme ended at 3: 20 pm